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first_love88 [userpic]


22. November 2010 (15:15)

Title: Worst Superpower Ever ( 2- Trapped)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 800+
Pairing: Faberry
Spoilers: The Substitute. Also, AU for superpowers
Disclaimer: So this is part of the Glee Round Robin set up by the amazing vsquared_k . It has the potential to be really really good fun and anyone who feels they could add to it, in any way, really should have a go. If you want dibs on the next chapter, say so in the comments and then you've got a week to make good.

Part 1 by llaurorall

When Rachel didn’t respond, Quinn began the awkward process of dressing whilst trying to keep everything covered up.

Which was harder than she thought. Somehow her cardigan slipped out of her hands twice. It felt like someone was tugging on it or she had stones in her pockets. Keeping a close eye on Man-Hands she finally managed to be fully clothed again. After a much needed deep breath to calm her nerves she approached Rachel, who was still sitting in front of the door her face in her hands.

Rachel couldn't believe her lousy-power had her stranded in a bathroom with Quinn freaking Fabray. She thought accidentally having a go with Ms. Pillsbury was the height of humiliation. Who knew if anyone would find them in this vacated part of the school.

Maybe they would find Quinn but never her, because she probably ended up killed by the royal Queen herself and then stashed under the tiles or something. No one, in their right mind, would ever dare to sneak a peek at the half-naked head cheerio. At least no one would live to tell the tale. Not even Puck mentioned their night together.

And now Rachel had seen more than what would be needed to make her blush. By now she should be used to fate and her powers working together to make her life miserable, but no. She felt like this happened for the first time. Her heart was racing even though she knew Quinn was dressed again. Her face was flushed and though her eyes are squeezed shut she could still see Quinn in front of her. The spankies hugging the blonde's behind just perfectly. You didn't just think that!
“Berry, open your eyes!” Rachel cringed. “Hey, you in there?” Quinn knelt in front of Rachel and looked at her. Her clothes were disheveled and her hair was soaked with something that smelled a lot like a Northern Lite Turtle Latte. All the anger went out of Quinn and she was left smiling because it was a nice change from argyle with slushy to blouse with a side of coffee. “Rachel!” That got the other girls attention. A look of disbelief met her eyes.

Quinn went over to the sink. When she came back with wet paper towels Rachel winced until she realized that the other girl was still waiting for her to stand up. So she did what she was told. “Are you being nice?” She couldn't help but ask while taking the offered towel to clean up. Quinn just shrugged and went to inspect the door.

They really were trapped in a stupid bathroom. Rachel took Quinn's reaction as a sign of a temporary treaty and walked to the mirror. “After all my experience - thanks to you and your minions - I should be used to the sight of me in disarray, but I cannot fathom my current state of garments.” Rachel said with a huff.

Then she realized why she was sporting whipped cream on her clothes. The thought of Ms. Pillsbury's closeness just two minutes ago made her blush again. Quinn stepped closer, her arms crossed as if she was to give a lecture on how one had to speak to her, but the curiosity in her eyes betrayed her pose as a mere act.
“So who's coffee are you wearing? And let me tell you: tan is not your color!” Rachel kept rubbing the stains out of her blouse and tried to explain. “Well there was this uncoordinated incident involving Ms. Pillsbury and her beverage, which had the apparent effect.”

While Rachel was still working on her blouse and got into which colors flattered her complexion, Quinn stared at the other girl's boobs. Because they became visible under the soaked shirt with all the ministrations of the wet towel against it. Quinn's heart rate quickened and she felt this familiar tingling sensation she felt shortly before her stupid power went off. Oh no. She didn't want that. She didn't want Rachel Berry crushing on her added to her problems.
So she took a couple of steps towards the door and a deep breath. Focus, don't freak! If you just relax and find a way out of this damn room everything is gonna be fine.

Too late. A hot and cold wave ran through her and left her body. Seconds later she saw Rachel staring into the mirror. Her hand had stilled and her eyes darkened. The silence in the room was interrupted by heavy breathing. Quinn shut her eyes willing this moment to be over. Rachel was overwhelmed by a sensation she only had experienced once before in a much more private setting. Her knees became weak and her lower abdomen twitched.
Praying to Barbara Streisand, Rachel tried to not have an orgasm in the middle of a bathroom scene with Quinn freaking Fabray's eyes trained on her. But... it was Quinn Fabray looking at her. Beautiful and gorgeous Quinn. What?

They were staring at each others reflections; Quinn almost grimacing on the verge of horror and Rachel with an expression of lust and confusion.


Posted by: Veester (vsquared_k)
Posted at: 22. November 2010 21:37 (UTC)

Nice!! That ending... oh my word. OMG

Oh, and you've been added to the masterlist. I'll put you on the community page as well

Posted by: first_love88 (first_love88)
Posted at: 22. November 2010 23:18 (UTC)

Thanks for including me in all the fun. Glad you liked the ending.

Posted by: syx (darksyx)
Posted at: 22. November 2010 22:10 (UTC)
Maka & Pala

This keeps getting better and better. xDD

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: rainbowruse (rainbowruse)
Posted at: 22. November 2010 22:55 (UTC)

Can I put my hand up for the next chapter? I am really, really loving this round robin thing. It's a melting pot of awesome, Faberry goodness. Are there any guidelines I'd need to adhere to?

Posted by: Veester (vsquared_k)
Posted at: 22. November 2010 23:08 (UTC)


Though we've yet to see if you're the first to call dibs... that there's the rules and such. Enjoy!

Posted by: first_love88 (first_love88)
Posted at: 22. November 2010 23:22 (UTC)

I can' wait for someone (you?) to keep writing, I wanna know how it goes on from here. haha

Posted by: first_love88 (first_love88)
Posted at: 22. November 2010 23:20 (UTC)

Thanks, glad you liked Quinn's POV.

Posted by: thecrazymango (life_abandoned)
Posted at: 23. November 2010 00:08 (UTC)

This is great! I cant wait for the next part!

Posted by: executime (executime)
Posted at: 23. November 2010 00:21 (UTC)

This little game of round robin is quickly becoming my favorite thing to read. :)

Posted by: bladeddarkness (bladeddarkness)
Posted at: 23. November 2010 05:33 (UTC)

Oh dear, Rachel is in quite a pickle now, hmm?

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: first_love88 (first_love88)
Posted at: 23. November 2010 21:46 (UTC)

Wow thank you. I am really glad you liked it. And saying that it was well written is twice a compliment because I am not a native speaker.
I hope the next person can work with where I left off.

Posted by: mjacton (mjacton)
Posted at: 23. November 2010 15:34 (UTC)

Wow, that ending was pretty hot!

Posted by: first_love88 (first_love88)
Posted at: 23. November 2010 21:46 (UTC)

Thanks, I tried to make it interesting.

(Deleted comment)
Posted by: first_love88 (first_love88)
Posted at: 28. November 2010 21:24 (UTC)

Yeah I feel for the shirt, too. ;)

Posted by: malexfaith (malexfaith)
Posted at: 27. November 2010 07:51 (UTC)

Hehe. Awesome. I love it. Great imagination. Thanks heaps for sharing

Posted by: first_love88 (first_love88)
Posted at: 28. November 2010 21:25 (UTC)

Thanks heaps for enjoying

Posted by: Robot (freshtilapia)
Posted at: 16. Dezember 2010 16:28 (UTC)

Hahaha Quinn's lousypower worked!

Posted by: first_love88 (first_love88)
Posted at: 16. Dezember 2010 17:35 (UTC)

yeah it did... good thing I'll never meet her

Posted by: shyath (shyath)
Posted at: 16. Dezember 2010 17:24 (UTC)

I should be ... well, I was going with "shot," but seems a little dramatic, but I should be severely reprimanded for only commenting now. So much love for this series and this chapter!

Posted by: first_love88 (first_love88)
Posted at: 16. Dezember 2010 17:37 (UTC)

no one gets shot here ;) thank you for the "belated" comment, hope you enjoyed reading as much as I had writing it

Posted by: t8kmybreathaway (t8kmybreathaway)
Posted at: 22. Mai 2011 20:27 (UTC)

Too funny :D love it

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