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first_love88 [userpic]

Wedding challenge

16. Mai 2009 (15:52)

My attempt for the challenge by smartyshortie over in aoshippers!

Title: Getting married
Words: 809
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters only the mistakes only the misspellings and I certainly make no money with writing!

Olivia turned around and found Alex's side of the bed vacant. She brought her hand over her eyes shielding them from the bright sunlight. She heard her lover rummaging in the kitchen. She probably couldn't find the new bag of coffee. Olivia took her robe from the recliner and put it on not caring to close it. “Hey! Good morning!” Alex turned and a mischievous grin appeared on her face when she saw her stark-naked lover “Good morning yourself. Now that's an image I will keep in mind all day.”
Olivia sat down at the counter and watched her sweetheart preparing breakfast. “Want any help with that?” Olivia asked, but Alex shook her head and tried to decide whether the rolls were good to go or would have to stay in the oven a little longer. “Go and wash up. Breakfast is ready any minute,” she ordered her lover out of the kitchen and laid the table. As soon as Olivia came back she noticed that this wasn't a regular Wednesday morning breakfast.
There was a Gerber daisy and the paper lay beside her plate and was not neatly folded but a certain page waited for her to be read. And if these small things weren't a give-away Alex's huge smile was. “What is going on?”
“Sit! Read! Tell me, when can I pick you up for lunch?” Olivia had a hunch what might have gotten into her girlfriend and when she sat down and looked at the article, which was circled and painted and had little hearts drawn around it, she knew she was right and why her love was so excited. It said “The State Assembly approved legislation on Tuesday night that would make New York the sixth state to allow same-sex marriage...“
There was no need to read the whole article. Alex seemed to have the same opinion since she came around the table sat on her lover's lap and kissed her senseless. When they had to come up for air Olivia asked “You want to pick me up for lunch to get a marriage license?” Alex fumbled with Olivia's sweater and nodded “Only if you really want to!” Olivia pulled her close and kissed her. “I want nothing more than be your wife!” and with a wicked afterthought she added “ and since your salary is way bigger than mine I even get more out of it than I wanted.” Alex laughed and slightly slapped her lover on the shoulder.
“You know I make you sign an awful prenup and you will have nothing in the end,” and with that she tried to laugh like an evil mastermind but Olivia started tickling her and the two of them forgot their breakfast.

Location, invitations, catering, entertainment, flowers, wedding bands, dresses, a judge... a date. The two of them sat over a huge list of things they had to organize and plan. “Well I'd say a judge is rather easy to come by given our profession. But I really don't like choosing a dress.” Alex agreed with her lover.
She sat back and rubbed her eyes, “Let's see, we know a judge, we have the marriage license... let's just drag Elliot, Cragen, Liz and Petrovsky to this nice spot in Central Park and get married there. We save time and money that way. AND I'd rather be married to you sooner than later.” Olivia was thrilled by her lover's suggestion. “We could do it tomorrow!” Alex grinned and knew that they really could be married within the next 20 hours or so. She got up, got comfortable in her lover's lap and kissed her.
Olivia interrupted the kissing only to say “I guess we'll get married tomorrow!” and these were the last words spoken until the sun rose.
The next morning Elliot Stabler, Donald Cragen, Elizabeth Donnelly and Lena Petrovsky all got the same irritating yet exciting call. At noon that day everyone gathered in Central Park. “Can you believe this?” Stabler asked but none of the other guests said anything, only Cragen shrugged. Donnelly seemed to need several minutes but then said, “Well, I like what they are doing. And I like that I am invited. But where are the soon to be marrieds?” Everyone looked around. Kathy spotted them first.
They came running down the path, Alex waving their license and both sporting a huge grin. Alex wore a black well fitting suit and Olivia the white counterpart. Everyone drew a sharp breath when they discovered the stunning couple. After greeting everyone the wedding party gathered at the most beautiful spot in the park. Kathy started sobbing when Lena started the ceremony.
Liz joined in when Olivia Benson and Alexandra Cabot exchanged their vows and became Mrs. Cabot-Benson.


Posted by: bia_slytherin (bia_slytherin)
Posted at: 17. Mai 2009 11:53 (UTC)

Aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww..... *_* VEERY SWEET!!!

That was beautiful!
Well Done!

Posted by: first_love88 (first_love88)
Posted at: 17. Mai 2009 13:41 (UTC)

Thank you! I am glad you liked it!

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