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first_love88 [userpic]


10. Mai 2009 (21:29)

My entry for the challenge by smartyshortie over in aoshippers!

Title: Outing
Words: 205
Disclaimer: No infringement intended! I don't own A/O or any other SVU character!

“Hey, come on in!” Liv and Alex hurried to get into the welcoming warmth of the house. It was freezing outside and the inside of Liz Donnelly's home promised to be very cozy. Liv helped Alex out of her coat and hung it on the coat hook along with her own. Judge Petrovsky hugged first Alex then Liv. The party seemed to be in full swing already. All the other guests wanted a welcome hug as well.
Abbie and Casey greeted them together and showed how much Casey's belly had grown since they met last. Liz was nowhere in sight probably working her magic in the kitchen. The couple settled in and all of them started talking at once and no one seemed to care. Finally, Liz came to the door carrying a huge dinner plate laden with snacks. “Oh, Alex you're wearing the pink turtleneck I gave you for Christmas. It really suits you!”
Liv rolled her eyes. “Yeah, she spent an hour in our closet trying to choose an outfit! I recommended this one.” Everyone but Alex started laughing. She gave her lover a stern look then pouted “I can't believe you just outed me!” Guffaw filled the room.


Posted by: I'm not crazy, i'm just a little unwell (half_life33)
Posted at: 10. Mai 2009 23:11 (UTC)
siren smarch

aww cute :) and, yay! you're using one of my icons :)i'm proud

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