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first_love88 [userpic]

A-Z challenge

10. Mai 2009 (11:34)

X & Y for the A-Z challenge! Enjoy!

Titles: Xerox / Yes
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: No Spoilers. I don't own A/O! No copyright infringement intended.
Words: 219 /233


Alex sighed and leaned against the cabinet. Her day was as busy as every day, but this day in particular seemed to exhaust the ADA beyond fatigue. The copier pulled in sheet after sheet. Alex had finally finished adding all her notes to the file and had to copy it for the defense. That was why she stood in this small room at 6 pm and watched the boring machine. The monotonous sound and the thick air added to her weariness. Her eyes closed on their own account and she couldn't fight it.
She suddenly smelled Olivia's scent. She smiled inwardly at the thought, missing her lover all the time. She wished she was at home with her, maybe cuddling on the couch stealing kisses during their conversation about their day. Warm breath blew over Alex neck and warm lips fleetingly touched her own. Alex didn't have to open her eyes. She would always recognize these lips. She melted into her lover's embrace and sighed. Being held like this for just a little while, was all she needed.
The staccato of the machine stopped and pulled Alex back into reality. Gathering all her things she started feeling the loneliness creeping into her heart. Some day soon she would look for Olivia and tell her she was back in NYC.


Alex felt Olivia's breath on her face. Both women had their eyes tightly shut. They were panting. Their bodies trembled as they reached orgasm at the same time. Slowly opening her eyes Olivia looked into Alex's she had to keep them from falling.
“Gorgeous! You are so gorgeous!” She extracted her hand from Alex pants while Alex tried to do the same, but was trapped because Olivia squeezed her legs together. Alex looked up. “I need this hand! I have to be in court in ten minutes and I don't want to explain Donnelly why I have you as my new accessory around my fingers.”
Olivia leaned her head on Alex shoulder and allowed Alex to free her hand. She shivered. They had not meant for this to happen, but after days of craving each other's touch and not being able to even have a decent conversation on the phone, Liv had decided to sneak into Alex's office to just give her a kiss and tell her that she missed her. The moment Olivia had entered the room they hadn't been able to control themselves and let go of each other until they both reached an earth-shattering mind-blowing orgasm.
As Alex's heart started beating in its normal pace she raised an eyebrow “So you missed me?” Olivia smiled “ Very much. Can we do this again?” Alex blushed “Yes!”