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first_love88 [userpic]

A-Z challenge

3. Mai 2009 (22:06)

Again three stories for the A-Z challenge! Thanks for your support.

Title: Pretty please / Quintessence / Reassurance
Rating: PG 13
Disclaimer: No Spoilers. I don't own A/O! No copyright infringement intended.
Words: 221/ 129 / 172

Pretty Please

Alex and Olivia fought again. I hate it when they do that. I've been pushing my DD5s from one side of the desk to another. It was one of these days you don't see on that fancy cop shows. No live to save, no hot lead that would make the case.
At least I could get out here before dusk. Maybe the kids would play with me in the back yard or I could spend some time with Kathy. Alex had come in and had wanted to talk to Liv. They were standing in the hall way. “I knew I wouldn't get out early today!” Olivia stormed in, sat down and started searching something on her desk. Alex followed.
I had to suppress a chuckle. If I didn't knew it better, I would have said the ADA was tiptoeing towards my partner. Munch must have seen it as well, he raised his eyebrows, but for once kept his opinion to himself. Alex leaned closer and seemed to whisper a question into Liv's ear. I couldn't understand it. Olivia slowed her motions.
Alex got even closer. “I'll make..” the next part was hard to hear. I had to be careful not to spit my coffee over my files, but I was sure the ADA had ended with “...pretty please.”


Liv stroked Alex hair. They had been sitting on the couch watching some movie, but Alex fell asleep within minutes and was lying half on top of Liv.
Liv half-heartedly followed the plot. Alex stirred but was back on her pillowy cloud without awakening fully. Liv held her lover close. She could feel her heart beating close to her own. She sighed contently. They had been dating for a while now. They even had had non-work related fights.
But it always came back to this. One holding the other. Shielding the beloved from harm, even from bad dreams. Liv felt safe with Alex and Alex felt safe with her. Liv reached for the blanket to cover them. Yes, it would always come to this, the quintessence of their relationship...


“I'm sorry. We have to go over this again.” Detective Benson rubbed her forehead, a headache building behind her eyes. The frightened woman in front of her told her story again. Her story was like those of so many others about rape and violence.
A different perp, a slightly different M.O. cruel nonetheless, but it was always the same look in the victim's eyes, somewhat haunted and as if something had been broken that could never be fixed again, not even heal. The woman was shaking and faltering. Leaning back in her chair, listening to the victim's story, Olivia saw someone from the corner of her eye.
The blonde A.D.A walked out of Cragen's office towards the exit of the squad room, briefly meeting Olivia's eyes with her own. It only took a second, but it Olivia realize that she would make it through the day and that she would again be able to help a victim.
All she needed was the look on Alex face reassuring her of her love.