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first_love88 [userpic]

One-shot at Faberry

30. November 2010 (21:28)

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Title: I need you

Author: first_love88

: Rachel/Quinn

Rating: dunno, implied intercourse

Summary: what happens when they fight

Disclaimer: Characters are not mine. No infringement intended. This hasn’t been beta-read. All mistakes are mine.

A/N: I have to listen to country music when I work. The only song that doesn't make me cringe is Lady Antebellum's "Need you now". So I retreated into my fantasy after listening to it. Enjoy!

I need you. It's the middle of the night. I am the only one out on the streets. A car passes me, its lights hit me shortly, touch me, but I cannot feel them. All I feel is the yearning. Do you think about me? All I feel is that you are not with me. I need you.


I sit in the middle of the living room. I lost count of the whiskey shots. There are all the pictures we took together scattered all around me. I only see shades and colors, my vision is blurry from the tears that keep running down my face. I need you.


I cannot believe that we ended up like this. I am hurting. I want to hold you and feel your soft hair against my cheek. The tin can over there... it just asks to be kicked. Oh, no I didn't mean for her to trip over it. She looks at me. Shouldn't she be mad at me? I don't understand anything anymore.


How? Why? I don't understand anything anymore. My mind refuses to spin in any more circles. My headache gets worse but is nothing compared to my aching heart. If you could only be here. Hold me. Do you miss me? I need you so much.


Quinn had no idea when her feet started in this direction because her mind needs forever to catch up these days. Maybe her heart decided to walk this way. She hunched a little and tightened the collar around her neck to keep the cold out. The wind stung in her eyes. Whenever she walked under a streetlight she could see the density of the falling snow. A couple of more steps and it would end. The yearning would go away.


Rachel kept hugging her legs. Her chin rested on her knees. She couldn't keep her eyes off the door. She imagined Quinn coming through it. Her tears had finally stopped. Her mind was pleasantly numb and all she felt was the longing for Quinn.


Quinn opened the door. She stomped to get the snow off her boots. The room was dark and her eyes needed time to adjust. There was only one person, like she expected. She sat down and gestured for a shot and a beer. If she got drunk, it should cease.


The apartment got cold. Rachel yawned, stretched and fell onto the couch. Before she fell into a dreamless sleep she managed to wrap the throw blanket around her.


This time she couldn't stomp her feet. It would be too loud. She gently put them down, hung up her coat and tiptoed through the hall towards the bedroom. It was empty. She suddenly was nauseous. Where was Rachel? She couldn't handle an empty apartment. So she grabbed her coat and shoes. The moment she touched the door knob she heard something behind her. Rachel was standing in the door way a blanket hugging her loosely and her hair was disheveled.


They were looking at each other. They saw the hurt in each others eyes mixed with regret over their fight. But the most apparent was the hurt they had caused. Rachel reached out and Quinn did not hesitate even a fraction of a second to take her hand. The touch was firm and gentle at the same time. Reassuring. Quinn rubbed her thumb over Rachel's finger.


Now their eyes only showed love. Both had the need to establish more contact. They drew closer and hugged. Both breathing the others scent and Rachel shuddered to feel Quinn close again. Quinn had goosebumps. She was too overwhelmed. They walked slowly towards the bedroom, never letting go of each other.


Rachel sought Quinn's lips and Quinn pulled her closer. Every touch reassured them that the other one was still there; still loving and needing one another. Soon they had gotten rid of their clothes and established ultimate contact. Breast on breast. Thigh between thigh. Their tears mingled, but so did their moans. The gentle touches said “I'm sorry” over and over again. They would talk in the morning. But for now, while the first rays of sunshine broke through the night, only their actions spoke. They spoke of love and the yearning to be together. Forever.

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